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Title Author ISBN Condition Price

Required book for Arthurian Lit. We used this book every class.

Lacy, Wilhelm 9780415782883 Like New $75.00
Black, Conolly, Flint, Grundy, etc 9781551119656 Like New $75.00

The necessary book for Dif Eq

Boyce, DiPrima 9781118133712 Like New $75.00

The necessary book for THAR 281

Guerin 9781121261051 Like New $75.00
Camba, Otey, Whieacre 9781256804451 Like New $30.00

In excellent condition.

Few important quotes highlighted. No tears, pen/pencil marks

Thomas Paine 9780140390162 Like New $5.00

Book in Excellent Condition!

Few important quotes highlighted. 

No tears, pen/pencil marks.

Harriet Jacobs, edited with an introduction by Jennifer Fleischner 9780312442668 Like New $5.00

Required textbook for both ENGR 111 and 112

In excellent condition! Smooth, glossy pages and absolutely no highlighting, pen/pencil marks, tears, or damage.

Arvid R. Eide, Roland D. Jenison, Larry L. Northup, Steven K. Mickelson 9781259009341 Like New $60.00

A good study guide for Chem 101 and 102.

Im not sure of the price so give me your best offer

Morgan Townsend 9781111426996 Good $30.00

Loose leaf copy, comes with no binder, some highlighted sections.

Tony Gaddis 0132846829 Like New $60.00
Lial, Greenwell, Ritchey 9781256723417 Like New $30.00
Robin Bade and Michael Parkin 9780132831048 Good $30.00

It is in good condition, it just is slightly bent because I had it in my backpack.

Stephen E. Lucas 9780077687885 Fair $40.00

Used for Comm 203

Special Edition for Texas A&M University

Stephen E Lucas 9780073406732 Good $55.00
Eide, Jenison, Northup, Mickelson 9781259541834 Like New $130.00

The book's condition is like new only writing done in it was to identify problems. This book is loose leaf and will need a binder to keep it together. Book is good for math 151, 152, 171 and 172....

James Stewart 9781133444275 Like New $80.00

This book is loose leaf and will need a binder to be put in or something of that nature. Condition of the book is like new it ans was only opened to put in binder. 

Brands 9780205961689 Like New $80.00

Book is like new. I took the class but dropped it so never used the book. Only opened once to write name and student UIN, other than that the book is in great condition and also hard cover....

Lawrence S. Brown 9781285199023 Like New $100.00

Loose leaf textbook but binder holding the texbook is included. 

Harvey J. Tucker & Norman R. Luttbeg N/A Like New $50.00

Loose Leaf. Comes wih a folder. Used for only two months. 

Young & Freedman 9781269223065 Like New $80.00
Young & Freedman 9781269597722 Good $40.00

I will also erase answers from the manual and give it to you for free.


John P. Grotzinger & Thomas H. Jordan 9781464138744 Good $45.00

The book is in a very good condition! I'm open to negotiation. 

"Uploading pictures" option was giving me a hard time, but I can send you pictures of the book if you need me to. ...

W. B. Worthen 9781428288157 Like New $60.00

I bought this book last semester for ~ $170 and haven't used it. It's brand new. I can also erase answers from the lab manual and give it to you for free.

Open to negotiation.


Steven M. Stanley 9781429255264 New $100.00

Good Condition. Needed for Robyler POLS 206. Willing to negotiate on price.

George C. Edwards III 9780205935994 Good $80.00