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Title Author ISBN Condition Price

I keep my books so clean and neat.

Lucas 9780077687885 Like New $50.00
Terry Anderson 0-205-73328-1 Good $20.00

There may be a few marks inside, but otherwise the book is pristine. It might as well be brand new.

It can be used for both ARCH 250 and ARCH 249.

FAZIO 9780073053042 Like New $60.00

This was required for Terry Anderson's History 106.

Compiled by Terry H Anderson 9781256307303 Good $10.00
Stewart 9780534493486 Good $60.00

paper back version

no markings or highlites

Bounds 9780757562106 Like New $10.00

 The book was used for my History 280 Writing class on the Atlantic World. The book has a little wear, but is in good shape for how much it was used.

Thomas Benjamin 9780521616492 Good $20.00
Jonathan Barnett 9780415775403 Like New $25.00

The book it like new it had absolutely no damage.

REECE 9780321793645 Like New $140.00

The book I honestly was suppose to read but never did so it's pretty much brand new.

HOFSTADTER 9780226348124 Like New $12.00

I bought this book used for $95. It doesn't have ripped pages or isnt highlighted. 

Bond 9780495913740 Like New $75.00

Descent book I bought it used for $120.

King 9780073405476 Good $85.00

I took notes on it, and highlighted important stuff.

HARRIS-HALLER 9780738052762 Good $20.00
Kotz, John C 9780495997344 Like New $50.00

This book was used in my History 105 class.The book it's self is in really good condition but it is highlighted from me using it for class. It also comes with a CD which includes selective...

Irwin Unger 9780205790791 Like New $20.00
Lox, Ginis, Petruzzello 9781934432051 Good $40.00
Robert A. Calvert, Arnolodo De Leon, Gregg Cantrell 9780882952550 Good $100.00

It is a loose leaf version. I bought it for my Geog 202 but did not use it. It is still brand new and has not yet open.

Rowntree,Lewis,price,wyckoff 9780321698049 New $60.00
RATH 9781595620156 Like New $15.00
Williams 9780205747467 Like New $32.00

I bought it used for $75.

Laura A. King 9780073405476 Fair $25.00

please message me at if you are interested in purchasing. You will most likely need it if you are taking ENGL 104

Gerald Graff 9780393933611 Good $14.00

CHEM 101 and 102 textbook. Looseleaf version that comes with a binder. No writing in the book!

Kotz, Treichel, Townsend 9780495997344 Like New $60.00