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Title Author ISBN Condition Price
James Stewart 9781133444275 Good $25.00

There are no markings in the book. The only thing is that the edges are gently worn.

Karlan/Morduch 9780077332587 Good $50.00

There are no markings in the book. The only thing is that the edges are gently worn.

Karlan/Morduch 9780077332587 Good $50.00

Loose leaf form with binding. A few pages written in (experiment 2 & experiment 5) with highlighting and one page ripped out of experiment 2, but other than that this book is in brand new...

Tak Wei Leung, Amber Schaefer 978073807486 Good $30.00

Only used for a few weeks. In brand new condition with no highlighting or writing. Loose-leaf form with binding.

John C. Kotz, Paul M. Treichel, John R. Townsend, David A. Treichel 9781305256651 Like New $80.00

Almost brand new book with minimal highlighting on a few pages. Very good condition, barely used.

Theodore J. Lowi, Benjamin Ginsberg, Kenneth A. Shepsle, Stephen Ansolabehere 9780393264197 Good $50.00

Never used. Marketing 321 textbook. MindTap access code included. Looseleaf version still in original bookstore shrinkwrap.

TAMU bookstore sells for approx $129.00.

I'll be in CS on...

Pride/Ferrell 978137551441 New $99.00

Perfectly good condition. All pages are intact and no highlights or underlining.

I would upload a photo, but the file size is too large.

Mark Evan Bonds 9780205979172 Like New $45.00

Book for ECON 202, Loose Leaf, but put into nice binder for easy access.

Hubbard/O'Brien 9780133455540 Like New $45.00

Only chapter 1-3 have been used for review in this book. The rest of the book is free of writing, I did the review questions on other paper. Price is negotiable, it is in great condition.

Martha R Taylor 9780321833921 Good $20.00
John M. Cissik 007353613X Good $10.00

Like brand new, three chapters have key terms highlighted. No tears or missing pages. Price is negotiable. This book also came with an online access code that I never used so it is still valid.

Reece, Urry, Cain, Wasserman, Minorsky, Jackson 9780321775658 Like New $100.00
Alberts, Bruce 978-0-8153-44 Good $65.00
Kevin Krisciunas 9781465238948 New $10.00

good condition, old book with some highlighted sections.

Moran, Townsend 9781111426996 Good $15.00

Good condition, some highlighted sections. $140 OBO

N. Gregory Mankiw 9781285165912 Good $140.00

Like new book with a couple of highlighted sections. $50 OBO

Robert J. Bond, William J. Keane 1577665392 Like New $50.00

loose leaf copy, binder not included, highlighted sections. $75 OBO

Kotz, Treichel, Townsend 1133438156 Good $75.00

Good condition, loose leaf with binder, some lines highlighted. Also comes with a student access code that was never used. 

Richard A. Johnson 1269313908 Good $40.00

good condition, comes with a binder, highlighted throughout book. Took the class last semester. I have some old quizes as well.

Marilyn Stokstad, Michael W. Cothren 0205938442 Good $80.00

Like New, Comes in a binder, Some lines are highlighted. Not sure what the price is so feel free to throw out your best offer. 

Paul L. Knox, Sallie A. Marston 0321819322 Like New $20.00

Like new, Comes in a Binder, Some highlighting throughout the chapters. Not sure what the book was worth. Feel free to offer anything

Bennett, Donahue, Schneider, Voit 0321928393 Like New $50.00

Used for CSCS 206. It is a loose leaf copy with a couple of highlights in it. It comes with no binder.

Tony Gaddis 0132846829 Like New $50.00

Bought it used but never took it out of the wrapping; for Math 142 at TAMU

Tomastik 9781285134840 Like New $30.00

Looseleaf; pretty good condition; used for Math 141 at TAMU; $25 OBO

Tan 1-305-30778-X Good $25.00