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Title Author ISBNsort icon Condition Price
Stokstad, Marilyn, Cothren, Michael 0134303954 Like New $50.00
Reece, Urry, Cain, Wasserman, Minorsky, Jackson 978032173975 Like New $20.00
gainor 97803939215 Like New $35.00

I bought this book in the fall for Acct 327.  You also have to use it for Acct 328.  If you are an Acct major, you will have to take these classes.  The book is a loose leaf,...

Wiley 978047058723 Like New $160.00

NO marks; NO pages torn out! I copied every lab from this book with a scanner. I can provide pictures.

Santos Ramirez 978073804523 Like New $18.00
Rowntree 978125676037 Like New $55.00
Eric Bentley 97815578327 Good $15.00
Susan Elrod, William Stansfield 0-07-162503-8 New $10.00

Only used for one semester. No highlighting or marks on the inside. Condition is pristine.

Robert DiYanni 0-07-312426-5 Like New $150.00

sold w/ in class lecture notes

Colquitt/Lepine/Wesson 0-07-766440-X Like New $30.00

All Track B engineers (electrical, computer) taking ENGR 111 should get this book.

It is an introduction to electrical concepts and nicely parallels the lectures.

Dick White and Roger Doering 0-13-091452-5 Like New $35.00

For track B of ENGR 111.

Dick White and Roger Doering 0-13-091452-5 Good $30.00

In fair conditions. The book is really good, a few marks but overall excellent.

John R. M. Wilson 0-13-097765-9 Fair $10.00

I never colored in the book, but it was a really useful tool in studying maps for tests in geography.

Wynn Kapit 0-13-101472-2 Like New $5.00

This book was bought used but is in really good conditon. There is no writting or highlighting on the pages. No pages are messed up. It is in really nice...

De Sellers, Carol W. Dochen, Russ Hodges 0-13-700756-6 Like New $25.00

Highlights in first 10 or so pages

Faragher, Buhle 0-205-01062-8 Like New $35.00
Terry Anderson 0-205-73328-1 Good $20.00
Terry Anderson 0-205-74428-1 Like New $12.00

Slightly used.  Some writing and highlighting throughout the book.  This was used for a speech class at Blinn. 

Steven and Susan Beebe 0-205-75370-1 Like New $10.00

Used for Dr. Collopy's Class! No marks or highlights! In great condition!! Also listing the two monographs needed! 

Nash 0-205-80539-6 Like New $30.00

$60 with UNUSED MyPsychLab access code

$30 without access code

Richard J. Gerrig 0-205-84337-9 Like New $60.00

Wasn't able to upload pic of the book. The file was somehow to big. Didnt use the book much. In very good conditions. I will delivery if you decide to buy it. 

Robert A. Divine 0-205-90736-9 Like New $40.00

Highlighting in first 100ish pages.

Henretta, Edwards, Self 0-312-64328-4 Good $35.00

I used this book for William Collopy's class. (Monograph) Please email me and I will respond right away.

Harold C. Livesay 0-321-43287-8 New $10.00
Harold C. Livesay 0-321-43287-8 Like New $8.00